Questions about Terminal Live

Terminal Live is coming up soon here at the University of Michigan. It was stated that individuals will compete in teams of 3. Is this a mandated rule? Is this mainly to help competition prizes be spread out? I ask because I have been competing in the global competition for season 3, and I don’t know many people here with as much experience in terminal!

Secondly, is there any rule about the code we bring to the Live event? Are we allowed to bring code we have written ahead of time and then adjust it to the specific config for the event?

Thank you!


I’m also wondering about the above, and have an additional question:
What’s the prize distribution? I heard 10/5/2.5 for leaderboard and 5/2.5 for project report?

Sorry about not responding to this, its been busy with the events and S3 finale, I saw it and meant to reply but it slipped my mind.

Yes, you will be placed on a team upon arrival if you do not have one already. You can talk to the events coordinator managing checkin and team formation on the day of the event to request an exception, it is up to them. We sometimes have 1-2 teams of two, so they may be able to put you onto one of these teams, but again it is their call.

This is allowed

The prize distribution is 12/6/3/3 thousand dollars for 1/2/3/4 place, and a 1000$ prize to the winner of a raffle. You will be able to gain raffle entries by defeating custom bosses designed for the event.

The project report is something we tried out at some events, but we decided against continuing to require them long term. There will be no need for a report at UMich

@C1Ryan Thank you this is exactly the information I wanted!

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