PyPy Permission Error

Hello, has anyone been able to successfully use PyPy? I am trying to include the binary with my algo but I do not have permission to execute it from

I haven’t done it. Not sure about solutions but I’ve seen some other posts about needing to add chmod u+x $DIR/[BINARY_FILE] to file to make binaries executable.

Other than that maybe a possible workaround would be to try and call it from a regular python file using subprocess and piping.

Thanks :slight_smile: chmod u+x fixed the permission error but now we are getting a new error when running $DIR/pypy3 -u “$DIR/”

Player 1 Errors:

error: unknown command “/tmp/algo1245107989080172816/”, see ‘snap help’

Have you seen this error before?

I believe you have the wrong file/folder you are calling. Rather than using "$DIR/" you would instead use the folder name containing the same way you would locally. So: "$DIR/[FOLDER].

This is when running it on the server, so I copied how is called in Locally I am able to complete games with pypy