Potential bug in algo select menu

There is a UI bug I encounter when I select an algo in the ‘my algos’ tab. If I select an algo, and before the match history fully loads select another algo, the new selected algo will display the match history as normal, but then display a screen comprising of all losses.

Rather interesting is that the info shown is from the previous selected algo when executing the inputs to create the bug (ie I first selected Track-6.1, then selected Track-3.5, and Track-6.1 data is shown). Also, the ‘losses’ displayed which show the algo name (Track-6.1 in this case) are actually matches where the algo won, basically its displaying what the opponent would see on their global replay screen (ie they lost to Track-6.1). Replaying the matches seems to be unnaffected by this bug.

I also note that when and how this happens varies from try to try. Sometimes this bug doesnt occur, sometimes the all loss screen pops up for a second or so before returning to the correct screen, other times it stays at the all loss screen. I think it depends on how long you wait when executing the inputs before switching algos, but I’m not 100% sure. I also should note this only occurs when executing the above series of inputs, selecting another algo afterwards will act as normal (unless you execute the inputs again).

I don’t think this is a major bug (really just a minor UI annoyance), but I thought I would just point it out here. Do any other people experience the same thing as me?


I get the same bug, exactly as you have described.

Another bug I’ve been experiencing in this menu is the order of my algos sometimes reversing. ie, most recently uploaded at the bottom, oldest at the top. I am unable to reproduce it but it is very rare and only a minor issue anyway.

Interesting, for me it has always been that the newest algo is at the bottom, and the oldest at the top, opposite to your observations. I haven’t seen any instances of the order reversing though.

We have been aware of these issues but since they are primarily cosmetic and the replay issue is resolved by a page refresh we have been prioritizing other things. Its on our radar and will be fixed at some point.

You don’t have to refresh just click the algo again and it will reload the matches.