Post Refresh Patch 3

In this patch, we sought to fix a majority of the smaller, lower priority, or less visible issues left over from the Terminal refresh. This is not a single patch, and is more a log of a number of smaller updates we have made over the past week and have yet to document.

Additional improvements on playground

  • Corrected incorrect post-game stats
  • Changed color of pathing indicator
  • Added warnings in play by hand
  • Greyed out units when too low on resources
  • Added faint grid lines


  • Improved Competition application flow
  • Revamped logged out homepage (log out of terminal to check it out!)
  • Improved post game statistics
  • Other small changes

Since the patch I am no longer able to see the debug panel in the playground

Oops, will fix this asap

Still nothing?

Sorry about not updating everyone on this, it was a busy week. We fixed the issue, the fix will be deployed on Monday.

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No play button?

This should be fixed, we had an issue with the deploy this morning