Possible Bug in S8 Kickoff Competition

Hello! I joined the S8 Kickoff competition, and I uploaded my algo, but for some reason spawning encryptors is buggy. I have an ordered list of what defenses I want to build yet no matter how many times I ask the code to spawn encryptors, it fails to do so – that is, until all other defenses are created. This is the strange part; it’s like my code skips over all the lines that attempt to spawn encryptors until EVERY other part of my defense is built out. I genuinely have no idea what could be causing this, but the code works as expected in the Global competition and seems to have this issue only in the S8 Kickoff competition. Any suggestions for what could be going wrong??

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Hmm, could you maybe post the part of the code you’re speaking of? (even without the actual locations would be useful)
Another thing I have experienced is if you have a python “print” statement somewhere in your code, your algo will behave very strangely.

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Here’s the code where it’s going wrong. Every other line of this section runs as expected, in order, and stops building when resources are not available. However, any lines that spawn encryptors are executed only after all other lines here are filled out completely (even though I ask it to build encryptors multiple times between other lines that run first, and I try to spawn in multiple ways, and I even have tried to spawn encryptors at nearly every point in my code, but they still always are built last).

That’s probably because encryptors cost more. It tries to spawn them, realizes it can’t because it doesn’t have sufficient structure points and then continues to other lines. Walls only cost 1 SP and turrets only 3 so then the next line would execute just fine.

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How much do they cost then? I guess I’m confused because the “after” column mentions nothing about increased encryptors cost, but it is mentioned in the summary that they cost more, but not how much more? Are there other changes in the costs that aren’t listed there?

I’m guessing they only display the things that changed. So in the kickoff competition it would be just like the config displayed in the rules tab, just with the changes. If you want to be sure, you can download the config file in the playground and have a look at it, it’s just a simply json file.

Yeah, that makes sense. I believe the config for S7 was different than S8 Global, which is also different from the S8 Kickoff, and they are only showing differences between S7 config and S8 Kickoff. I was not in S7, so I was unaware of how much encryptors cost in S7! Thanks for the help!

This is not the case, the differences shown are between S8 and S8 kickoff. The config is similar to the Season 7 config, so people who played in S7 may be more familiar with it, but this is not the diff being displayed.

The S8 encryptor has been changed into a completely new unit, a factory. Listing its stats exhaustively would be a bit messy, as its literally every stat in the unit that has changed. I’ll add a sentence encouraging users to read the config to see the full stats on the factory.

Ahh. It’s been a while since I’ve played and was unaware of the encryptor/factory differences. Thanks so much to both of you!!