Policy on working in teams

Hey everyone,

We are working towards better supporting teams, but building team-specific features will not be a priority for some time. For now, we want to clarify some questions and concerns we have seen about our stance on teamwork.

  • Players are allowed to work in teams.
  • Members of an active team should only upload algo’s to a single ‘team leaders’ account.
  • If a team earns a reward, we will contact the ‘team leader’ account to distribute the reward, the same way we contact individuals.
  • If a team is disbanded, players should make significant adjustments to their team algo before re-uploading it as their own. We want players to be able to continue to work on their team algos individually, but do not want multiple copies of the same algo on multiple accounts. We will resolve issues on a case by case basis for now.
  • We will be monitoring competition entrants, high Elo players, prize winners, and algos that users call out. If you are playing for fun or learning and your algos never climb over 1750 Elo, you don’t need to worry too much about these policies.

Please voice any concerns below.


Regarding using one account, I’ve had to dump match links for my teammate for a while now. Would account sharing (i.e. having him log into my account) or just splitting up the algo uploads (i.e. my account uses 3 uploads, his uses 3) be possible? It’s not a major inconvenience, as usually we’re able to collaborate off of a handful of high-elo games to examine, but it’d be nice to know if there are alternatives.

Sharing an account is fine. Splitting the uploads would not be ok, as your two accounts would end up using two top 10 slots.

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