Playground Submit Button Hidden

I’m having window sizing issues from my laptop screen where I can’t see the “Submit Turn” button on my screen. If I press F12 on Google Chrome and manually resize, it starts to reappear at around 1475 x 889, which is the “75%” zoom option at the top. What also works is pressing Ctrl - to get to 90% zoom. Not sure how to get the native window size without making my screen smaller to get the console, but my screen’s a regular 1920 x 1080.

Not sure if this will work for what you are experiencing, but you can always try Ctrl-0.

Ya, it looks like playground is not usable in play by hand mode when the screen height is less than ~900px, the ‘screen size’ warning came up at 700px height before, I adjusted this to 900 for now, so people can be made aware that something is wrong and zoom out.

Fair enough. Ctrl-0 just resets my zoom to 100%, which is not able to see the submit turn button. Works perfectly fine when I zoom out to 90%, nothing visually changes except for the side menu condensing a bit to show the button.

Just general hint, when using laptop and you need more screen space:
pressing F11 make the browser in FullScreen mode and gives some vertical space by
removing tabs, address bar, bookmarks, taskbar, so using the whole screen “just for the content”