Playground isn't Starting

Whenever I try to start the playground (no matter what I choose for the opponents) and press initiate, there is just a loading screen. I had it loading for About Five minutes now and stil Nothing has changed. Has anyone else have that issue or is it my Internet Connection?
Thanks for helping!

Edit: I just used the wrong Browser. Thx to anyone who tryed to help anyways

Sounds alot like its your internet connection.
What results do you get on a upload/download test?

May be worth checking out the troubleshooting guide. Even with a fairly slow connection, I don’t think it should take over a minute to load.

I’m experiencing slowness too. I was using the Playground this morning and now both that and replays are either completely stopped or taking a minute + to load.

Happened right after I uploaded a new algo but I’m noticing it’s playing it’s 15 initial games at a much slower rate as well.

Edit: Seems better now(?) It’s in and out I guess.

Do you experience slowness in:

  • Playground (manual algo vs algo)
  • Loading replay on watch page
  • Playground and Loading replay on watch page
  • All runs smooth as usual

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Nevermind I used the wrong internet browser. It works in Chrome

Sporadic changes in the time it takes to run initial matches could be due to our resources going to other things like other users uploading and getting first matches at the same time or if we are using resources to run a test environment or test competitions. I don’t think there is anything unexpected happening based on what I see here.

Regarding playground slowness, based on the updates in the thread this doesn’t seem to be an issue so I will not be investigating for now.

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