Playground fails to load

Playground fails to load


After selecting algos to play it fails to load and spinner never disappears. I am the single one getting this issue?
console output contains this error:
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘$store’ of undefined
at R.forEach.n. (chunk-vendors.js:sourcemap:23)
at O.e._wrappedGetters..e._wrappedGetters. (chunk-vendors.js:sourcemap:23)
at xi. (chunk-vendors.js:sourcemap:23)
at ni.get (chunk-vendors.js:sourcemap:7)
at ni.evaluate (chunk-vendors.js:sourcemap:7)
at xi.playground/getDatabaseConstants (chunk-vendors.js:sourcemap:7)
at Object.get [as playground/getDatabaseConstants] (chunk-vendors.js:sourcemap:23)
at Object.get [as getDatabaseConstants] (chunk-vendors.js:sourcemap:23)
at m.initializeSocket (playground.js:468)
at Array. (chunk-vendors.js:sourcemap:23)

I am using chrome.


I also have this issue in playground mode!


thanks. I had a small doubt that maybe any of my add-ons are causing this. Seems like no


I’ve already tried to remoove my own add-ons but it doesen’t seems to fix nothing.


I think I see the issue. Expect this to be fixed by end of day. Thanks for the report.


This should be fixed, let me know if you still have issues


I am still getting it. Tried hard refresh of the page, but no luck


It was a frontend update, so it could take some time to propagate. If you look at the console, it should print a timestamp when you first load onto the site, indicating the version of the frontend you have. If the timestamp is not Fri May 15 17:39:17 2020 try again in an hour or so



Ok, i’ll investigate this further. Seems like there is still an issue. Oddly, it does seem to be working on a few of my machines at home, making it a little trickier to nail down. Ill handle this on Monday, expect this fixed early next week.


I believe I tracked down the root issue for real this time. A patch should be released tonight, let me know tomorrow morning if you are still having issues.

Season 6 First Patch

it works!