Play by hand tutorial

I’m trying to get started and wanted to check out the ‘Play by hand’ feature.

I don’t understand what I’m supposed to choose. Do I choose player 1 and player 2 to play by hand? Would that match me up with someone random online? Or would I need a friend?

I see you can choose player 1 to play by hand and then it looks like you can choose player 2 as a predetermined boss?

I’ve tried choosing player 1 to play by hand and player 2 as a couple of the bosses, but every time, the game seems to open and then just show loading dots where I expect the game board. I’m not seeing any points i can use to start either.

Where am I going wrong? Are there any videos I can watch about this? There doesn’t seem to be much online about the play by hand.

Yeh it’s been an issue, i believe we just have to wait for the technical team to give us updates.