Play against friends

yesterday I found terminal (thx to CB) and I and few friens of mine are planying to try it. Is possible to somehow play agains or friend ?

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No not yet, I believe they’re working on it though

Thanks, so only way is to uplaod algs of friend, or create game localy right ?

Yes, you could upload each friend’s algo to one account and run matches in the Playground or you could run them locally if they’re on the same account. The replay file will be in the replays folder in the top level of the starter kit, which you can upload into the Playground to view the match.

Running the games locally is our current reccomendation

It would be kinda cool though if there was a feature added so you could request unranked matches with people. Anytime my brother and I want to play against eachother its a bit of work which is fine but I think a game request system could add a lot.