Planned Forum Update

We have not updated the forum since setting it up in the spring of 2018, over two years ago. Our forum is forked off of discourse, a really great open-source forum platform, and the way we set it up initially is pretty unique.

In order to be able to stay up to date with discourse updates, and to more quickly fix issues if they impact the forum, we are going to make some changes to the way the forum is set up. The good news is that this will be minimally impactful to users. Currently, we believe there will be only a few noticeable effects:

  • When we make the change, everyone will be logged out and have to log back in
  • Everyone’s user icons will revert back to the default colored letter. Custom icons will have to be re-uploaded. The color of your letter may change.
  • Site CSS will be slightly adjusted. The dark-black background will be changed to match the dark-grey terminal background.
  • We will be using the most recent version of discourse. I can’t list everything that will change here, but you can check the discourse release notes for patches 2.0 - 2.4. It’s mostly tons of small changes.

The icon issue is preventable but would take a significant number of engineering hours away from Terminal for basically no long term benefit, so we thought that just having everyone re-upload them would be an easy solution.


I’m definitely happy to reload my icon! Not a problem!

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