Permission Error when trying to add team member

I had my friend create an account so we can work together on a team, since I’ve been running into some issues, trying to optimize my code, he was also interested in competing when I told him about this site. When I send him an invite to join the team, he gets a permission error when he try’s to accept it, I get a permission issue when i try and cancel the invite, and it seems to hang if he rejects the invite. I signedin using my github account where he signed up creating a new account, I don’t know if that’s the potential issue, or if it’s something to do with his account age, since he just created his account today. I had him upload the starter algo, just to see if he needed game activity, is there anything that needs to happen before I can invite him to a team with me.

Ill look into this, we have been making some security updates recently and its possible that this is an error on our end. Will let you know the results by end of day.

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I can confirm that this is a bug. When we tested this, I did so on my own account, which is a super-user and is immune to permission errors. This is why this seemed to work on our end.

Ill have a fix deployed by end of day.

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Thank you for looking into this, and working on a fix

thank you very much for the rapid response :slight_smile:

The update is deploying, this should be resolved when this message is 10 minutes old. Let me know if things work for you guys.

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It did work, thank you.

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Glad to hear it!