Pathing Toward Edge Bug

On frame 1204, the stack of five encryptors (at 22,15) blow up a destructor, creating two new possible shortest paths through the created hole, either left or right around the nearby filters. In the replay the encryptors move to the left (to position (21, 15) on frame 1205), but I think that they should have moved to the right (to 23,15) due to “Pathing Logic Rule 4”: “If there are two tiles with equal distances and are equally prefered based on direction, the unit will choose one that is in the direction of it’s target edge. For example, if a unit wants to reach the top-right edge, and must choose between moving left and right, if both paths have the same minimum number of steps it will move right.”


I found a few more examples of it happening, this should be all of them:
On frame 1273, the 6 emps should be at position (24, 17)
On frame 1724, the two scramblers should be at (11, 21)
On frame 943, the 5 emps should be at (8, 12)

Thanks for this heads up, will investigate and fix soon

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I think this issue is still present in the current version.

On frame 2501 of this replay, the scrambler moves from (7,9) to (6,9) instead of (8,9):

Here is another example:
On Frame 136: 5 pings (24,16) move to (23,16) instead of (25,16)

Second edit:
In the first replay I was looking at the wrong frame (the frame that had a mismatch with my simulator was 2485) and it did indeed move correctly in this frame.
In the second replay it also moves correctly.

I was confused because of the wording of the second rule: “If multiple tiles are equally close to the units destination, move in the opposite direction of the previous movement. For example, if the Unit made a vertical move on its previous step, it will prefer a horizontal move.”
With the example this makes it sound like “opposite” implies to move along a different axis and that the 4th rule acts as a tiebreaker for movement on the same axis.

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I can confirm that this has not been addressed yet. Thanks for the additional feedback though, it’s always appreciated.