Open source contributions

Hey everyone,

After a few weeks of internal discussions with our legal and business teams, we are now accepting open source code contributions to the C1GamesStarterkit. You can make a PR if you want to fix a bug, clean something up, or add a script to the ‘contributions’ folder in ‘scripts’. If you include your forum username in your PR, I will award you with an “Open Source” related badge.

Make sure to pull the most recent StarterKit before making any changes!

Thanks for your contributions

Are optimizations wanted? The gamelib is pretty slow, but that seems like it might be an intended part of the challenge for users.

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Good question. The inefficiancy of some functions like pathfinding is an intended challenge for users, and we will be declining most PRs that improve the existing functions. Examples of PRs that we are interested in which users have proposed in the past and can now be accepted:

  • Scripts, like ones that let you run many games at once or delete all your replays easily.
  • Bugfixes
  • Clean ups like comment fixes, name changes, or changes for consistency
  • We may accept additional ‘helper’ functions as well

This functionality is more for players who have created tools for themselves that they want to share with the community, we may decline some PRs so don’t develop something for the sole purpose of making an open source contribution.