One shot kill

I just saw this and thought it was pretty funny:

In this match, the entire health of the red aglo is taken in one shot (31 damage).

Basically the blue algo attacked on turn 1,5 and 7 and then waited until turn 61 to deliver a first and final blow.
(So it has wasted more than 400 bits by just waiting so many turns :joy:)

I don’t know if this has happend before but I thought it was worth the highlight


Yes, I saw this too, since the algo ou one hit killed, was mine (I’m trying kkroeps strategie, since everyone is using it apparently, even you @arnby)
And yeah, my algos attack with scramblers if the opponent saves up alot and that is probably why it lost. But wow, I’ve never seen a one hit kill with such high ranking algos before xD, nice work on calculating that(if your algo did)

It did and didn’t. My algos follow a greedy policy function (predict only for the next turn) so that means that for every turn until the 61st, it judged that it was better to wait.

Just the layout (firewalls positions), I’m not really interested in recreating kkroep strategy because it would take too much time and the way it works is completely different from my algos. What I did is more a restriction of Oracle to a particular set of locations. (demux’ locations in this case)

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I see it got me too (although not with 31 bits, but it managed to get me to send scramblers uselessly).

…I uploaded that algo as a fix for that behavior… c’mon man.

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Which match are you talking about?
Edit: Thanks for the link

Yes, thats what I did aswell.