Newbie has questions

So i am quite new to the game so i have a few questions about the game and such:

  • How can one view a .replay file?
  • is there a way of running a terminal game locally and/or programmatically in order to test one’s algo more quickly
  • is there a way of playing against a specific player without sharing one’s algo files or making a private competition?

I’m pretty sure these questions are not in the faq or anywhere but if i’m wrong i’d appreciate a pointer. And thanks in advance for the help.

  • View replays files in the Playground section (titled Play at the top) of the website. In the bottom right corner it should say “Drag your replay file or click to browse”
  • Check out the scripts file for help with running locally. Programmatically try to keep your code clean and modular so you can make quick changes
  • Also in the Playground, you can make custom games between either yourself (By Hand), your algos, and several bosses. This is also quite useful for testing your algo more quickly, as you can play it against a variety of strategies (some near the top of the leaderboards) or play against it yourself to expose its weaknesses. Playing against specific people is not currently supported, but I think there have been several threads on here about “Challenging Players” that could tell you about that status of that.

Hope this helps!


thanks so much. what i mean by programmatically is to run a game using python code and then observe the game as it’s running or atleast generate a replay file to train an algo for example over multiple game cycles.

In your starter algo folder, there’s a folder called replays. A replay file will be automatically generated when you run locally! You can view this in the playground or parse it in some way to train.

To observe the game as it’s running, try this:
game_state.find_path_to_edge([13,0], game_state.game_map.BOTTOM_LEFT)

This initializes the pathfinder with something then calls its print map function. In your console output, or even the debug output in the Playground, you’ll see the map print out as the algo sees it.

You can customize this (or use a community contribution such as this) to better visualize the game.


thanks alot