My Algo mysteriously lose health

Hello and good day everyone.

Today, I created my algos and I uploaded my latest revision into the website. After letting it battle for a while, I noticed that almost all my lost matches are at turn 7. I go in to check and surprisingly, after the end of 2nd last turn, my algo mysteriously loses 30 health at once, making me lose at the last turn. There are no enemy’s unit in vicinity nor they even reach to my edges.

I also tested with my other algo and it seems to freeze at around turn 6, and then going to turn 7 it happened again, mysteriously depleting the health to 10 or something.

I don’t know if I am permitted to upload my algo for inspection, so if there anything I can do to investigate I am happy to help, provided I am able to.

Edit: I noticed even on winning matches, it stills happened. One match I win with mine -7 against -1. I don’t know how’s that happened.

Well, algos have a limit on how much computing time they are allowed to stop people from taking forever searching through every possible move to find the perfect one. It’s not a hard limit though, it gives you a certain amount of time and then for every second after that, you lose some health. If you take a long time each turn, this might be what’s causing this health depletion.

I don’t know if the number has changed (either way it depends on the hardware that runs the algo), but the last I heard it was “for every 1000ms after 5000ms, the algo will lose 1 point of health”. If it changed, someone please correct me. You can get the computing time by going into a replay and go to details.

Yea i checked it and oh boy it does so much damage hahahaha. Thank you for the response, ill tweak my algo again

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