More consistent resources for ranked matches

Hey everyone quick update. Previously we had your algos in docker containers that would prevent them from messing with the game or other algos. The next step is also limiting the resources that they can get.

We now have strict max cpu and memory limits for your containers. The CPU limit is .8 vCPUs, so about a CPU core for each algo. For memory the limit is 3gb. The servers we are running the ranked matches are still the same, algos just now have this limitation that should provide more consistency between matches while before you may have gotten more CPU/Memory if the enemy algo wasn’t using their share.

Let us know if how this update is affecting your development.


Oh that can’t be good news for my algos haha, mine have always been very greedy on computation

That is good to hear :slight_smile:

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I suspect this update may be the cause of this issue, just based on timing right now: Everything is crashing!

I am actually just settling into my battle station at UMich, so i’ll be spending a few minutes confirming the issue is affecting us right now and fix it asap

I just submited a really simple algo that should not use much resources,
in few matches, both me and the enemy crash on trurn 0.
Hope this helps debugging

Ya, about 40% of games are crashing right now, a huge number. I’m going to go ahead and revert this change

Edit: After reverting this, significantly fewer games seem to be crashing. We will look into it next week.

In the mean time, perhaps it would make sense to clear all the crash counts so the algos can continue competing again?

^please do this

Hey everyone, was out of office for a few days after the live competition this weekend. I’ll reset the crash count for all algos that are currently active.

Edit: Algos should be un-crashed now

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