More / Clarifying Information on our Live Competitions

Hey everyone – I wanted to provide some clarity on our new Terminal Live competition series because it seems like there is confusion. First off, yes… these events are closed to students from specific schools.

Why are Terminal Live events exclusive to specific universities?
Good question – We monitor stats from user Profiles to track the number of Terminal players from specific schools / organizations, and choose to reward universities with strong Terminal adoption. We have massive adoption from Waterloo (and a few other schools to be announced), so we decided to host a competition exclusively for them!

Would Correlation One host a Terminal Live event for my school / organization?
We would love to! But to do so, we would need proof that the event would be well attended. The best way to convince us to throw a Terminal Live event for you is to invite a bunch of people from your organization to play (make sure they fill out their profile), and then request a competition on the Competitions page.

We have a few live events already planned for Season 2. However, we’re wide open for the rest of the year and would love to host some events for excited Terminal communities. But – we need to see real communities of players before we commit resources to exclusive live events.

If you build it we will come!

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Are there going to be any global competitions coming up soon?

We just launched a new one today!

We have partnered with Sentdex ( to host a global online competition, ending February 10th. Check it out on the competitions page.

Good luck everyone!

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I just saw, nice Ill be participating