Missing replay files

Hi there,

I can run locally but I do not have replay files generated. What could be that I am missing?
I am expecting them to end up in .\C1GamesStarterKit-master\replays.

Starting Engine
Starting single worker game.
P1 Name: starter-algo-ZIPME
P2 Name: starter-algo-ZIPME
Winner (p1 perspective, 1 = p1 2 = p2): 2
Waiting to exit finished game.
Done waiting now exiting finished game.
Hard Exiting Now
Closing stream
kill -2088
kill 12680
Closing stream
kill -3472
kill 5096
Exited for loop
End of main
Closing stream
kill 12680
Closing stream
kill 5096


What command are you using to generate this output?

I use the following PowerShell command

PS C:\Users\Janis> D:\Downloads\C1GamesStarterKit-master\scripts\run_match.ps1,
where run_match.ps1 is:

if (!$args[0]) { $algo1="$defaultAlgo\run.ps1" } else { $algo1="$($args[0])\run.ps1"}
if (!$args[1]) { $algo2="$defaultAlgo\run.ps1" } else { $algo2="$($args[1])\run.ps1"}

echo p1: $algo1
echo p2: $algo2

java -jar D:\Downloads\C1GamesStarterKit-master\engine.jar work $algo1 $algo2

Did you edit run_match.ps1? Try following the instructions in the Starterkit README as accurately as possible, you should not have to edit any of our scripts to make them work

Ok, thanks C1Ryan issue solved. I had not read it carefully enough.
For the record, maybe someone finds it useful. And, yes, it is mentioned in guidelines for those who can read carefully enough.

  1. In PowerShell one needs to navigate to the downloaded masterkit directory:
    cd D:\Downloads\C1GamesStarterKit-master
  2. Execute script by running command while being in the master directory:
    PS D:\Downloads\C1GamesStarterKit-master> .\scripts\run_match.ps1
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