Minor update on C1Ryan challange

In order to over-hype my algo as much as possible, I will not be uploading it until the competition rounds are being run so nobody will see it until just before the livestream. I had been planning this, but just making this post so nobody is concerned when I don’t have an algo submitted on the competition page at midnight tonight.

As an aside, when this post is 2 hours and 50 minutes old submissions will close, make sure you select your best algo and avoid deleting it before 6pm ET tomorrow when we do the livestream. (We have resolved the issues that affected the codebullet challenge, so we expect it to run on schedule without issue.)

Are any matches being run before the live stream starts?

Yes, the first few rounds will be released before the stream as per usual, when I said ‘just before’ I mean a few hours, I agree that was unclear.