Midwest Regional Questions


I have a few questions about the Midwest Regional:

  • Are teams required for competitions? I am confused regarding the UX on the Midwest Regional competition page in Terminal.
  • What is the timeline for the competition? The competitions pages says “Algos Due 03/26” and the Midwest Regional page states “Starts / Mar 21 2023”. Should I not develop any algorithms for the competition until Mar 21 or is there simply a deadline by which an algo should be submitted?

Hi there,

Participants are required to compete in teams of 2-3 for Midwest Terminal. As for the competition schedule, we’ll have an introductory webinar on Monday, March 20th and coding will officially begin on Tuesday (March 21st) morning and algo submissions are due on Sunday, March 26th, then finally we’ll conclude the competition on Monday, March 27th with the Awards Ceremony.