Lowest stability targetting bug

This may either be a bug in the rules description or in the game engine.

By experiment with my simulator I have found that the targeting rule of “Choose the target(s) with the lowest remaining health” is not quite correct. The actual implementation seems to be “Choose the target(s) with the lowest remaining health capped at that unit’s initial stability”

For example, if I have a ping that has been encrypted from stability of 15 to 42 and I also have a scrambler with stability of 40, the game engine will still target the ping, even though the scrambler has lower stability.

I find this behaviour a little odd, but I don’t really have a preference for it working one way or the other, and I suggest either changing the engine to follow the rule description, or vice versa!

I have found the same thing. In my simulator I track the unit’s health and shield separately so that targeting is based only on the unit’s health.

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Can confirm this is not intended. Expect a fix to release before the end of next week.