Local engine pathing bug

When testing one of my algo against itself on the local engine (a version I downloaded yesterday), I encountered a pathing bug: the unit didn’t apply the fourth rule of pathing:

If there are two tiles with equal distances and are equally prefered based on direction, the unit will choose one that is in the direction of it’s target edge. For example, if a unit wants to reach the top-right edge, and must choose between moving left and right, if both tiles have the same minimum number of steps it will move right.

On turn 39 of this replay, I think the pink EMPs are going the wrong way (frame 1602)

Thanks, just looking at this and visualizing whats happening I think I see whats going on here. Its extremely rare so its not an incredibly high priority right now, but expect it to be magically fixed at some point this week.

Please refrain from finding any more pathing bugs until after the C1Ryan challenge, I need time to work on my algo


Has the engine in the github starterkit been updated with the latest pathfinding fixes?

I noticed what’s probably another pathing bug in this (ranked) match, round 56 (frame 5738): https://terminal.c1games.com/watch/702391. Player 2’s pings should go for the opening to the left, but instead they move right, right into the destructors.


Thanks thorn, this will be helpful