List of all the units using HALF-ARENA and such

So how does this work? Do I just do print(HALF-ARENA) which I would assume to just be 28. How do I get the list of all the units in the HALF ARENA, or ARENA, or the HALF ARENA on the opponents side?

The default way to access units on the game board on a given turn is by using game_state.game_map[x,y] to get a list of units at a given coordinate

Note that the ARENA and HALF_ARENA are constants indicating the size of the board, 28 and 14 respectively. They are primarily defined to avoid ‘magic numbers’ since we use those numbers a number of times in gamelib

so game_state.game_map[HALF-ARENA, 1]?
that does not look right… How am I supposed to use those constants?

Half arena is a constant equal to 14, so that would return a list of units at the location [14,1]. You don’t really need to use the constants unless you need to use the dimmensions of the arena somewhere in your code and want to avoid ‘magic numbers’

so I have to get the list of locations in their half of the arena by myself?
I thought there was a function that let you get all the locations in HALF-ARENA or something