Leaderboard Tabs

On the Leaderboard page, when clicking on the different seasons tabs,
the top section of the page (tab, and number stats) changes immediately, but the bottom section takes 2-3 seconds to update.

Also if you click quickly on several tabs, it is not hard to make the content not match (season 6 selected, with season 4 results)

May be a “loading” message can help here, or even, not changing the stats … before the rest o the page is ready to be updated, as this creates the illusion that it was done after the click.

And probably the request speed can be optimized, as it often takes more then 10 sec to load the data,
and this makes the above more noticeable.


The site as a whole has been running a bit slower than usual for a day or two. The leaderboard requests should not be taking as long as they are, but are stuck waiting while other, larger requests are proccessed. I will investigate and get back at the end of today or possibly tomorrow with an improvement or more information.