Leaderboard initially loads season 5

When Leaderboard is opened, it initially loads Seasons 5-1, then loads 6,7+ .

Update: This is mostly visible if you stay on the Leaderboard and refresh (F5). If you change the page and come back from the top navigation, it behaves correctly.

I thought it my be some cache initially … or more likely some of the competition may force specific behavior as it was the case in the past.

But any way, it is not great user experience and probably can be done better, (without the need to leave competition … so your leaderboard can work properly …)

Also it is starting to get a bit slow to load … Leaderboard data is loaded for seasons 1,2,3, in ascending order.
May be if the initial load shows only current season information … and then load the rest of the historic data in the background, it might be a bit faster ?


A few good points here, I will add this to my todo list.

A majority of the issues here were side-effects of the site running extremely slow today/yesterday because I scaled some of our servers incorrectly and created a bottleneck. I will still work on improving the leaderboard, but it should be more tolerable now that that the server issue is fixed.