Known Issue: Terminal Online Weekly Competition did not run

The first week of ranked competitions did not run automatically. Today was the opening of our first virtual-regional competitions, so I did not get around to fixing this. I will handle this tomorrow.

This should be handled shortly

This is resolved

Prior to the hiccup, people were split into Gold / Silver / Bronze. Was part of the resolution to just lump us all into Bronze and progress things forward from there?

Just mentioned this on this discussion post

Just realized I did not include a piece of text I meant to in that post.

But yes, you are basically correct. Some players were allowed to enter gold, this was not intended, everyone was moved back to bronze. This was a separate issue.

It doesn’t seem like my algo actually played in the competition? I definitely submitted it so i’m not sure what happened. I’m in the CMU competition right now so this doesn’t really affect me that much but I just want to make sure I didn’t mess up, since it is the same submission process for the CMU competition.


I can confirm you did everything right, and you were moved to a higer tier as a side effect of accidentally being entered into gold due to the issue discussed above, causing you to become inelgible from the bronze competition and automatically removed. Dont worry about it.

Sorry you missed the first week