Isn't this a Tie?

Just wondering why I won this match. Both the opponent and I ended with 2 health, but I (LABYRINTH) still won.

Watch the fight here:


Gameplay End
The game ends when one player reduces the other player’s Health to zero. However, to prevent indefinite stalemates, the game will automatically end after turn 100 even if both players have remaining Health. At this time, the player with the higher Health is declared the winner; if both players have the same remaining Health, then the player whose algo took less time on average per turn to submit its commands is declared the winner.

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Ah, I see. Thank you!

I kinda wish I could’ve seen what happened after 100 turns, but I’ll have to work out the flaws in my design.

At the end of round 99, the game ends immediately and a winner is chosen using the logic @ziomkus shared