Is the auto-competition promotion working as intended?

Is the auto-competition promotion working as intended?


First, I really like the auto-competitions this season!

Second, I realize there is no prize money on the line so my query is purely from a diagnostic sense :slight_smile:

W1 Bronze winner was Max K’s Spinach 50. That week, he was the only player promoted to silver.
W2 Bronze winner was Felix’s S5_test4. 2 other players were promoted to silver with them - Yumpy (top 8), and Raptors2019 (top 8).
This week, acshikh won the bronze and promoted all the way to gold. Three others were promoted to silver.

You’ve mentioned before that in your “Fully Placed” format everyone gets points each week from their wins which is what can lead to players being promoted without a first place finish. So looking closer at the promotions this week, I can see:

Acshih’s path that skipped silver was top 8, top 16, 1st place => promoted directly to gold.
Mirage’s path was top 4, top 4, top 8 => promoted to silver.
FireDDD’s path was top 4, top 4, top 16 => promoted to silver.
TheNikster’s path was out in the first round, top 4, top 4 => promoted to silver.

Now for me, I finished top 4, top 8, 2nd place - yet I am still in the bronze tier.

Also, it looks like Yumpy’s first competition was Bronze Week two, they placed in the top 8, and then were promoted to silver despite not participating in week one?

Without any insight into your algorithm, are these results expected?


Yeah I was promoted all the way from bronze to gold and I don’t know why.


Oops, I totally missed your path! I noticed you were in gold this week and thought you had just promoted out of silver …

So far the only path to gold has been directly from bronze :upside_down_face:


Thanks for letting me know about the issue, I will look into it


@C1Ryan - Any insight yet?

Even after winning bronze W5, I still haven’t been promoted …


I just finished the patch, it should be working in the coming weeks.