Inter season match

I am seeing a lot of matches between algos of different season like this one : (:turtle: ᶜᵃᵛᵉ_1_0_T from season 4 versus Genoracle_2_0_3_gg from season 3)
Which is obviously wrong…

I got one aswell: (IDontWannaLose_v1-1 from season 3 vs agi from season 4)
maybe this happened because I uploaded the same algo (IDontWannaLose_v1-1) in season 4 aswell?

I don’t think so: when you upload algo in season 4, a new id is given so it is seen as a different one

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some figures:

On a set of 2806 matches:

1144 (41%) are season 3 vs season 3. 67 (5,8%) among them are turn 0 crashes

1498 (53%) are season 4 vs season 4. 23 (1,5%) among them are turn 0 crashes

164 (6%) are season 3 vs season 4. 56 (34%) among them are turn 0 crashes

@arnby - is this new behavior since the restart of Season 3 matches? Or does this extend since the start of S4 algos being uploaded?

I meant to take my own snapshot of the S3 leaderboard before any changes started, but it looks like ratings are already on the move.

I have also seen both mixed matches and crashes in my programs since the S3 restart.
Just in case the S3 results weren’t suspect before, they’re getting more scrambled by the minute! :joy:


Season 3 - The season of maximum entropy

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6 of my 25 matches have been round 0 crashes, 5 of which I lost as a cause, 4 of which I would have won, 2 of which were inter season matches…

weird sentence I know


This is for you season 3 algo, right?

yes it does, but I don’t have every single match since that time.
The way I selected this set was:

  • starting by a list of my algos, scan every opponent in their history and save the matches features (season, crash…)
  • if an opponent has played a match recently (1 or two days ago) and has a rating above 2000, add it to the “to-scan” list
  • loop until the list is empty


Does anyone know an endpoint for crawling by match id? They seem pretty sequential, but I only know the route for watching/download by id and having the details you get in match history would be way more useful.

I’ll patch this today, will probably reset the match history again once we think things are fixed. We will postpone the finale again if necessary.


Do you want the details of some matches of just information you can get in an algo history? (yours?)

Thanks :slight_smile:

To expand on what I’m hoping for -
I find the match history endpoint super useful [].
I’ll often pluck a match id from that data to watch in my browser [].
You can pick a random Match ID (or increment sequentially) to watch other matches in your browser. But I’d love an endpoint - something like [] - that gives results that look like the algo match history endpoint:

	"id": 4358633,
	"turns": 0,
	"round": null,
	"bracket": null,
	"winning_algo": {
		"id": 80412,
		"name": "🐢 ᶜᵃᵛᵉ_1_1",
		"compilationStatus": "Completed",
		"lastMatchmakingAttempt": "2019-09-10T18:06:23.971Z",
		"rating": 2223,
		"language": "rust",
		"createdAt": "2019-09-01T22:01:19.317Z",
		"crashCount": 3,
		"user": "n-sanders",
		"season": 3,
		"config": null,
		"configName": "",
		"team": null,
		"avatarUrl": ""
	"winning_user": {
		"userID": 3053,
		"name": "n-sanders",
		"displayName": "n-sanders",
		"avatarUrl": "",
		"rankedTier": "Gold"
	"losing_algo": {
		"id": 80194,
		"name": "Genoracle_2_3_2_c",
		"compilationStatus": "Completed",
		"lastMatchmakingAttempt": "2019-09-10T17:26:02.132Z",
		"rating": 2256,
		"language": "Python",
		"createdAt": "2019-09-01T08:37:18.353Z",
		"crashCount": 5,
		"user": "arnby",
		"season": 3,
		"config": null,
		"configName": "",
		"team": null,
		"avatarUrl": ""
	"losing_user": {
		"userID": 1697,
		"name": "Etienne",
		"displayName": "arnby",
		"avatarUrl": "",
		"rankedTier": "Gold"
	"date": "2019-09-10T15:17:44.285Z"

Would you be willing to also reset the crashCount for all the algos too? I’ve got one in Season 4 already marked as crashing too much, and I’m noticing my S3 algo crashCounts are creeping higher. I don’t believe crashing too often prevents matches from happening, but it’d be a comfort nonetheless :slight_smile:

Yes, I reset the crash counts yesterday as well

It would be usefull but I’m not sure it exist

You might also take a look the git repo I created for terminal server interaction. You can then do things like:

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One of my programs has played against TEN oracles since S3 matches resumed… seems legit :rofl:

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