Improvements: May 9

This patch adresses a majority of the issues noticed with the Season 3 changes

  • Team algos can be used on playground
  • ‘Clone in new tab’ feature on playground should work again
  • Table will be a consistent height when changing pages on the leaderboard
  • Replay viewing speed has been reduced to cancel out the faster pace of the game
  • When viewing all competitions ‘Past’ and ‘All’ Competitions will display most recent first, rather than oldest first
  • Improved how teams are displayed on leaderboards and in competitions in some cases
  • In the playground, the selected config appears in the bottom right corner
  • Numerous smaller or less visible fixes
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I still cant seem to clone a round in a new tab, if I press the button nothing happens…

it works for me

Hmm might be on my side then. Anyone else?

It doesn’t work for me as well.

It works for me now

It seems likely that it was a caching issue. If you open the inspector, right click the refresh button, and do ‘Empty Cache and hard reload’ it should handle this sort of issue most of the time.

I would recommend doing this anytime a new feature is released that you aren’t able to see yet.

It should only take a few minutes after an update post goes up before our own servers are running the newest features, but it could take a few hours to propagate frontend changes to magical caches around the internet. This is worth keeping in mind as well.