If i run my games localy is there a way to have my algos save files that arent the replay files?

iunderstand its not posible on the server but i think there should be a way to let algos save files if you run the game localy it would make my work way easyer cause im trying to produce ml data

There is nothing different with it being Terminal than in standard Python. The only reason it doesn’t work on the servers is because everything on the servers is temporary. Actually, the saving probably works fine on the servers, but everything is deleted after a match.

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yes that was what i assumed but i tried it and they dont save files.after looking for another solution by just looking at the replay files i found both algos didnt do anything and im now trying to find out what the problem with that is.

Maybe you can create some code in your algo that writes to a log file on your computer. What is in this log file is entirely up to you to create. It should work for running your matches locally.

that is what i did but i didnt work.

Can you describe exactly what you did and what didn’t work?

well i had an algo that recorded the position of the board into a txt file after he atacked and the percentage of how many of the atackers got through. that didnt work so i started looking into the replay files. that is when i noticed my algos didnt place any units even though i have both algos running on the server the same way.so i am trying to find why that is the case first.