I was stopped by the best at the end

I was a bit frustrated at first, that I did not win all matches, but it was might adversary that put me down at the end.

S6 week1: Bronze:

Not sure what was the exact reason for this match, but here is my guess:

  • there were not enough players in the grop
  • this is the top rated algo in my account, and in the group at that point.

Strangely … I was not invited to Silver group, but my other algo was.

The reason is here https://forum.c1games.com/t/ability-to-enter-competition-with-anyones-algo/1668/3

I entered the competition with your algo.


Hm yeah this is very interesting, so can @Demorf or @zenka now enter an algo of his own in silver for this weeks competition?

I can’t, but probably because my selected algo (DEMORF_V6-1-0) ended up in 2nd place.

Oh ok, yeah that makes sense (I thought you won).
But the main point is that you probably could have, that really is an issue.

I am still in Bronze, as technically the algo I submitted lost. I can see my algo and avatar in Silver, but can not “enter” it. Any way, it is not so important right now, but we need this fixed soon :slight_smile:

I cannot see you in Bronze. Only in Silver

Working on this as mentioned in Ability to enter competition with anyone’s algo?