I am not eligible for cash prizes, but I have my email, name, and username

If it requires my school email, It does not work.
If it requires a resume, I am not out of high school so…
Is this a visual thing?

Also, if one person in the top 10 is not eligible for cash prizes, will the 11th get it?

The banner currently does not disappear until you upload a resume. You are eligible for prizes, don’t worry about it. We will resolve this soon.

Yes, for example, Junaid is not eligible since he works for us, so everyone below him will essentially be bumped up one place

Even if you are still in high school you can still create a resume, i.e put other CS competitions you’ve been in or other things like skills or activities that reflect well on you.

The resume uploading process is mostly for people who are planning on using our platform to try to connect with possible employers, once we fully build out that aspect of the platform. There is no need to upload a resume if you aren’t interested in these opportunities.