How would you go about EMP sniping

So I was wondering how you would go about sniping EMPs (with destructors), since I get how people know where an EMP breached but with my maze algo some algos just seem to know where my EMPs will go past.
So how do people do this, do they detect somekind of breach and then trace back the path, or is there a way of finding out where your enemy spawned them?


Where the enemy last placed defenses and spawned attacking units is part of the information you get from analyzing the action frames. You could run the pathing function game_state.find_path_to_edge(location, target_edge) to get the path then enemy would take according to the current game state (as opposed to the path they actually took last turn. To get that, you’d need to analyze the location in every frame. You probably want what path they’ll take now if they spawned in the same location though).

One option (out of many) if you wanted, you could use the “move” event in the action frame state string dictionary. On action frames where an enemy unit took a step, this event will have the unit ID, type, and what coordinates it moved to. You could parse these frames during the action phase to build up a record of all the steps taken by units, thus recording all the paths for that turn.

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Something I do is just record where a unit is every single frame (you can keep track of which unit is which by using the ID) and make the path out of that. You would need to remove duplicates next to each other if you do this.

this is amazing, I don’t realize that we can use the original string before you say it!
No wonder you guys are top players. Thanks!