How many encryptors does an algo need?

I’ve come here just to share quite an interesting game.
I’m currently working on a very dynamic algo and well this happened:

My algo managed to somehow place firewalls in worth of 222 cores on the board, can anyone top that?

Don’'t mind the amount of cores on board, what a nice switch to ping cannon! You could have probably done that way sooner.

Yeah thanks, I probably could have

My algo has 184 cores of encryptors that it can place… it just never chooses to do so, much to my dismay. Nice switch though. You know, you could use the encryptors as your ping cannon line and just “wrap” the line around, allowing the pings to pick up more encryption.

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Damn, thats alot of potential encryptors.
Yeah Ill be working on my ping cannon, thanks.

How about this doozy of a game or Everyone is obsessed with the leader board and over looking the mayhem of sub 500 Algos.


All right, I’ve gone back to developing this thing and I guess it’s getting better :sweat_smile:

That’s… something, for sure. Have you tried adaptive defenses, but instead of only getting a few turns of use out of the encryptor before your defenses slide to the right, placing and refunding all the encryptors each time you attack? Might make for some extra mayhem.

:joy: sure I’ll try, interesting idea