How fast is the inbuilt pathing algorithm?

I know the inbuilt pathing algo is made slow on purpose, for it to be a challenge of making an own.
So that what I have done, but I dont think mine is very fast either xD.
So how fast can the inbuilt one calculate lets say 100 paths with changing maps? I want to compare it to mine.

In the Action Phase Simulator post, some people referenced some methods of timing the average computation time of a simulator. You could look into that, or just hack something together with “import time.” The call is time.time() to get the current time, so just grab the time from the start of the function and subtract it from the time at the end of the function. Run it however many times and compute the average. If I recall correctly it was someone in the ballpark of 10 milliseconds? It was someone fairly significant and certainly needing optimization.

Ok, I might check myself, 10 milliseconds per path (or 100)?

Going off of my current pathfinding times, 10 milliseconds seems about right, though perhaps it was more. I’ll let you try it yourself though :wink: