How do I know I have the right config for development?

Hi All,
After the prior difficulty running (see my last post) and solving that/those issues… I finally put my first algorithm up… its #27 on the leaderboard (i expect that to change), and i want to tune it to be better (of course)…

I read that season 6 has a new config? how would i tell i am using the right one? (and the right engine?)

my config json starts with
“seasonCompatibilityModeP1”: 5,
“seasonCompatibilityModeP2”: 5,


You can always download the starter kit to get the latest versions of the engine aswell as the config.

The latest patch for the engine was 28 days ago:
(you can probably compare the file size with yours or directly swap it)

The latest config however is not updated in git yet.
There is a merge request for it, and you can compare the changes from it:

But safest way to get the current config is to download it from the playground:
Playground -> Advanced -> Season 6 -> [down arrow]

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Thanks! I was reading all the different posts on the presumed changes, that then were to become changes, and none of them had this link to it. Though regardless it didn’t really stop my getting a decent showing on the leaderboard for a first try. (I am working on the next tweaked version right now and am glad i can use the new config)

I’m assuming that the current competition runs on the new config regardless of which config you used to develop

anything else new objects? i will find out eventually regardless… :wink:

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Good luck, try out the weekly automated competitions if you haven’t already:

And actually the safest way to get the current config:
get the Replay from your algos latest match (not playground), and parse the first row.
This is the config, that automated matches are played on … so it can be a bit better then what is shown on the Playground page.

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I merged demorfs PR to update the config included in the starterkit to S6