High School Terminal 2022 Competition

This June, we are partnering with Citadel LLC and Citadel Securities to host the first ever High School Terminal! We have hosted 20+ Terminal events for 5,000+ students across the top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge, and we’re finally bringing Terminal to high school students!

Top performing students have the opportunity to win Apple iPads, Apple AirPod Pros and Sonos Bluetooth Speakers, as well as exclusive recruiting opportunities with Citadel.

This is a great opportunity for students to exhibit their coding skills in a competitive, team-based setting. Taking place between June 20 - 27, the competition will have a flexible structure so that participants will be able to work anytime during the week to accommodate their schedules.

The event is open to all current high school students, including seniors who are graduating this year. All students are welcome to register, even entry-level students with little experience with coding just to have fun!

We highly encourage sharing about the event with anyone you know that is in high school, and even with the High School you had attended so that they could share it with the entire student body.

Apply to enter here!

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