Have matches stopped?

The leaderboard is the same as it was last night, and my top algo has the same rating. I can’t see my match history anymore because of season 7.

My understanding was that matches would continue until Thursday, did they stop early?

Last I checked, almost all possible matches got played. Probably that is the reason to switch the season earlier.

if you got the an algo_id, you can try to find last matches in in the API:

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I took a screenshot shortly before season 7 started, posting it to help everyone plan which algo to play.

The season should not have swapped to 7, I will investigate, I apologize for this disruption. This was caused by an automated system that I forgot about.

  • I will delete all currently uploaded S7 algos
  • I will put us back into transition mode

The net impact of this issue will effectively be a half-day or so lost of transition period time. I think this is fine and that enough matches will still be played.

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