Global competition ideal stream time

Hey everyone,

We have finalized most of the details of the global competition, prizes, and stream. The last thing we need is to choose a stream time. The stream will be 21 games, and we expect to have 2 one-hour long parts with a 15 minute intermission between them, and another 20 minutes after that for a finale. What time would be ideal for the stream?

The below poll is meant to get a general idea of a good time to choose, we will pick at our discretion. Date is also subject to change. You can choose all times that you would be happy with.
Keep in mind that our time zone is ET, New York time
‘Evening’ is around noon-5pm, ‘Night’ is 5pm-9pm
The long delay after the deadline gives us time to make sure everything is polished, contact winners, and ensure the competition is as smooth as possible.

  • January 11, Friday Evening
  • January 11, Friday Night
  • January 12, Saturday Evening
  • January 12, Saturday Night
  • January 13, Sunday Evening
  • January 13, Sunday Night

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