Getting Compile Error Feedback


I just uploaded a new version of my algo, but it had a compile error. The website is stuck on “compiling” and won’t let me play a game with it to get any feedback as to what’s wrong. Any way to see the compile errors for debugging?

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I’m seeing the same behavior. My algo runs fine locally and I followed the same process as the dozen other times I’ve uploaded successfully.

Update: It appears nothing is compiling, I threw in previous algos to no effect.
I got things running locally so that’s exciting. Have compile error feedback now.

Looks like they’ve fixed things on their end. I was able to upload again.

This is an issue is caused by downtime on the server that handles competitions. We have been having this issue on and off for a bit over a week, we have been examining it pretty exhaustively and have applied some bandaids to increase uptime, but now believe we have tracked down the root issue. We are deploying a patch within the next 48 hours which we expect will dramatically reduce how often we have downtime.