Getting algo IDs from previos algos

Does anyone know a way to get algo IDs of my old algos?
I mean the ones that I already deleted earlier this season.
Or at least some way of retrieving algo ID information from matches played?

I know I might be able to use @Isaac terminal_svr library, however I don’t know how up to date that is and it seems to crash everytime.
If there is no better method I’ll try and fix this but maybe there is an api for it or something?

Well I ended up pulling it from a tournament it participated in, so nvm.
If someone still wants to answer this question, go ahead, might be useful to someone down the line…

There is no official way to get algo ids for deleted algos, but like you said you may be able to pull the algo ID if you have the id of an old match id using this:{match_id}/algos

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For future readers, I hadn’t updated my terminal script since season 4, but have now updated it for season 7. It should hopefully easier to update each season. All you need to do is change the variable SEASON to be the appropriate season (eg ‘7’).