Get what units were destroyed last round

To do this, do I just have to take a copy of the game_state of last round and the current game_state and check what is gone now? Or is there a more efficient way, like a unit_destroyed event or something?

Personally I just store a copy of the previous game state and take the difference between the two. I think your next best option is to do the same but during the action phase.

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Alright I thought so, thanks.

Another way to do it:

Every action frame, the ‘death’ part of the events list has all the units that were destroyed. You could accumulate these, that’s what I do. No need to compare game states.

EDIT: The frame info documentation is in the community contributions thread, and also here: :pink_encryptor: Frame Info Documentation


There is a thread about how to parse frames I think. You have to dig in the forum, but there are some excellent write-ups on gathering info during the action phase.


Oh dont worry I already analyse actionframes, thanks for the answers, that how Ill do it probably