Get firewall positions on map in "on_turn"

So I now have the information about information units in every frame, but i didnt think about getting information about Firewalls from me and the enemy. I tried several things, but the files confuse me quite a bit. I tried to understand the whole code of the gamelib files, but i found nowhere to grab information of firewalls :frowning: so if anyone could help i would really appreciate it.
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memeToasty, probably the most confused Python Project Programmer :smiley:

The method for getting the information for firewalls and information units should be the same, with slight variation depending on the unit. If you are getting all units then you should be able to loop through and check if the mode is stationary or not.

In pseudo-code:

loop through every unit:
    is this unit stationary? If yes:
         add to a firewall list
         add to an information list

How are you getting your data for the information units? If you are getting it from p1Units and p2Units from the game_state string, then this should be fine. If you have no idea what Iā€™m talking about, open up a replay file in the text editor and search for the above terms (p1Units and p2Units) and you should see a bunch of numbers describing that unit. This is what the game_state uses to create the Unit class that we so happily use :).

yeah i have access to the units of p1Units and p2Units, but they just have a kind of unique ID for every unit, but i thought that these are only the INformation units
How can i check for the type of the unit?