Following the Code Bullet Challenge Competition

As I understand it so far, the Code Bullet challenge will be single elimination with no seeding and algo selection due by 2 PM EST on Thursday.

@C1Ryan mentioned:

Will there be a way to follow progress of the tournament leading up to the top 8?
With potentially 6k entries, a visual bracket might be hard to represent but I’d love some way to watch how my algo fares throughout the afternoon.

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I would also be happy about such a chance :slight_smile:

In any competition, you can click over to the ‘matches’ tab and see all the matches that are played. They are broken up into rounds. Because there is not a perfect power of two number of algos in the competition, round 1 will have a non-standard number of rounds and many algos will get seeded directly into round 2. You will be able to see all the played matches on this page, they will be released throughout the day on thursday between 2pm and 7pm EST


That’ll do! I had seen the old competition match pages, so I’m glad to hear they’ll be updated live throughout the day.

Earlier I said there may be 6k entries, but then I remembered something @876584635678890 said:

We’re up to a leader board of 931 based on my count, which likely gives us a prize of $2k per @C1Andrew:

But that certainly doesn’t lower my excitement!