Feature request: See how much ELO is lost or gained per match

I think it would be cool if we could see how much each ELO is earned or lost. My algo won 13 matches and lost 3, and had a net ELO gain of 12. I want to see how much weight each match has on my ELO, because it appears the ELO system is broken. Additionally, my older, more buggy algo won 15 matches and lost 4 matches has a net gain of 55 ELO. I must be missing something, because this isn’t adding up.



Update: Uploaded the same algo, won 4 matches and lost 1, and got a net loss of 10! If this is the ELO system, that means I lost to someone way below me, and beat 4 people way below me. If the server never matches me against others near my algo’s skill level, how is ELO supposed to sort my algo into it’s correct spot? Could someone help me make sense of this? I think I must be overlooking something.

I think that if you left it go long enough, you would also be matched with opponents both above and below your current ELO and your algo would move towards its correct ranking. The main problem at the moment is (my speculation) that the matchmaking server is still being upgraded, and matches aren’t occurring frequently enough, so the effects of unlucky matches stay around for a while.

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I am also in a similar spot, older algos are at higher ELO than the newer/better ones.
I would also like a graph showing the history of ELO (or maybe an API, so that I can plot on my own :stuck_out_tongue: )

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