Feature request: in myalgos tab show remaining heath of winner

Hi all,

This times feature request is to see what the remaining health is of the winner in the myalgos tab. This is a very easy indicator of whether a match is worth a watch. If you win with 30 health left, there is no need to bother checking the game, while a buzzer beater can teach you a lot about your defenses.

I am personally more interested in this info than the date on which the game is played for example. Maybe instead of W and L, the color can stay the same to indicate a win or loss, but the letter is replaced by a number representing the remaining health of the winner?

Any thoughts?


Okay that makes sense. I have never looked into their implementation so I don’t know this. However can you please elaborate a bit over when left over health wouldn’t be a useful metric to tell if a replay is interesting, and also how that is algo dependent? I would think that if the winner has 1 health left, it is probably a close match and worth a watch.

If the answer reveals something about your algo you don’t need to share ;). I’m just curious.

I think more info is better, as long as it doesn’t become cluttered. Ill show this to front end and see what they think.

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